Adult Guidance

PAGE_GALLERY_7_aegThe Adult Guidance Service offers advice, guidance, and information on education, training and careers to adult learners taking part in our adult education programmes including those on Adult Literacy, VTOS and Community Education programmes.
We are keen to help those who feel they didn’t do well at school or who left school early and now want a second chance to improve their education.

The guidance service can help you to:

  • •Identify your skills, interests and goals in life
    •Explore your learning options and ways of moving forward
    •Overcome issues that may be holding you back
    •Find the support you need to achieve your goals

The Guidance service offers:

  • One to one or group based educational guidance
    Assistance on returning to education
    Full time, part time and distance courses

The Guidance Service is:

•Free of charge
•Friendly and supportive


If you would like more information please contact the Information Officer in your area (see the list on the right of this page)